The Austrian general contractor is getting the New Year off to a flying start.

The Austrian general contractor is getting the New Year off to a flying start.
In a few days’ time the first Blu-ray production line will be commissioned at kdg headquarters in Elbigenalp, Austria.
Preparing the entry in BD production: kdg´s director Michael Hosp.

Until now the company has processed its Blu-ray orders in cooperation with its manufacturing partner Infodisc Technology. “But the insolvency and subsequent closure of Infodisc created a gap in BD supplies on the independents’ market just before Christmas, so we decided to set up our own BD production line” explained kdg’s managing director Michael Hosp. “It’s an exciting moment for us,” commented a delighted Hosp. Alex Wörle’s highly enthusiastic mediafactory team was already raring to go and looking forward to the new challenge. The demand for Blu-ray Discs had increased substantially over the previous year, Hosp added. “Since we regard ourselves as a general contractor for independents in the media sector and have already been offering Blu-ray authoring services for over a year, it was important for us to have our own Blu-ray Disc manufacturing operations if only to bolster the flexibility of our customer support.”

kdg has also brought on board Michael Gutowski, the previous owner and managing director of Infodisc Technology GmbH, to build up and develop the sales side of Blu-ray production operations. Gutowski had been instrumental in preparing the ground for Blu-ray on the independents’ market and as a pressing plant supplier, said Hosp. He is passionate about sales and marketing, and a long-standing partner. “We’re delighted that we will be working closely together on Blu-ray projects in future. In addition to our clear commitment to the media sector, we also share the same pioneering spirit. kdg was, after all, one of the first CD plants in Europe, and Michael Gutowski demonstrably the first independent BD supplier in Europe.” In addition to its sales and distribution centres in Elbigenalp (A) and Paris (F) as well as a sales office in Merano (I), the Group is also about to open a sales office in Baden-Baden (D).

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The beginning of April saw the official launch of the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency) project, AquaNOSE, which took place on the kdg campus in Elbigenalp.
They were clamouring to see them: the new asymmetrical RMJ wall downlights from Bartenbach that are flush-mounted in the ceiling.