welcome to kdg mediafactory, the pressing plant of kdg

We are kdg mediafactory. We specialise in the injection moulding production of CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs. And the fulfilment of ready-for-sale media products. No matter if it should be standard or special, simple or unusual packaging. Only one thing matters for us: the successful presentation of your products.

For us, everything revolves around packaged media. That’s something we are skilled at: after all, we were established in 1985 as one of Europe’s first pressing plants. Since then we have already served the requirements of numerous large and small providers in the music, video, publishing, software and games sectors. Most of them for years. For we have the advisory skills and processing expertise to produce both small and very small orders as well as special or large orders rapidly and reliably with the top quality that is required.



STANDARD CD Audio, CD-ROM, DVD 5, 9, 10, BD25, BD50
SPECIALS 8 cm CD/DVD, ICON Disc (partially sputtered CD or DVD with stand-alone offset printed motifs), Neon Coloured Disc (CD or DVD with neon-coloured back in the traffic-light colours of yellow, red and green), Clear Disc (completely transparent CD or DVD), Clear Neon Disc (translucent CD or DVD in the neon colours of yellow, red and green), Vinyl Vintage CD (black label with vinyl-style groove varnishing), Glam Disc (copper alloy as reflective layer), Braille Disc (with braille represented by a partial varnish overlay), Relief Disc (label with a partial varnish overlay) and Flavoured Disc (with fragrances added to the protective varnish)



STANDARD Jewel case, double jewel case, DVD case (single, double), BD 11mm single case, BD 12.5mm dual case, carton wallets, multi boxes, paper bags, plastic bags
CLEVER DVD 7mm case, DVD 7mm dual case (side by side), multiple DVD cases, CD 7mm single case, CD 5.2mm slim case, Super Jewel Box (standard, plus, king size), Wrap Pack (original six, smart five), Digifile, Digisleeve, Digipak, slip cases, folding boxes, clip-on and hinged top cartons, JakeBox, Flip ‘n’ Grip box, children’s boxes, shell cases
PREMIUM Metal boxes, hardcover books, EcoMedia books, showcase packaging, hard cardboard slipcases, wooden packaging, special packaging
HIGH END Cold foil, contour varnish, 3D high relief embossing, 3D varnish, 3D lenticular cards, flip image, velvet lamination, silver card, inlays laminated with silver foil




Jewel Case
Double Jewel Case
DVD Case Double
DVD Case Single
BD 11mm single case
BD 12.5mm dual case
Carton Wallets
Multi Boxes (2,3,4)
Multi Boxes (5,6)
Paper Bags
Plastic Bags


DVD 7mm case
DVD 7mm dual case
Multiple DVD Cases
CD 5.2mm slim case
Super Jewel Box
Wrap Pack
CD 7mm Single Case
Slip Cases
Folding Boxes
Clip-on and Hinged Top Cartons
Flip ‘n’ Grip Box
Children’s Boxes


Metal Boxes
Hardcover Books
EcoMedia books
Hard Cardboard Slipcases
Showcase Packaging
Special Packaging

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