a warm welcome to kdg mediascope, the creative division of kdg

We are kdg mediascope. The mastering & creative studios of kdg. What we are?
Creatives celebrating your digital world. Technically adept, creatively resourceful and inventive. As creators, we are dedicated to what we do and passioned for detail. Within a team of one of the biggest multimedia and authoring studios in Central Europe. Specialised in mastering and media design. What we offer? More than 25 years of experience in professional data preparation.

A perfect blend of technology and creation. An extensive mastering and studio portfolio from CD audio and ROM premastering through audio restoration and surround upmixes right down to copy protection and small CD/DVD production runs. High quality authoring for DVDs and Blu-ray discs with over 400 productions completed each year. Multimedia design and trailer editing. Brand new: data archiving and digital logistics. Further more all creative services of a graphics studios.



MULTIMEDIA STUDIO: CD audio / ROM premastering, copy protection, audio restoration, surround upmixes, DVD / Blu-ray authoring, media design, trailer editing, data archiving and digital logistics. 
DUPLICATION: CD/ DVD small batch production.

development and design of advertising media (with the emphasis on tourism).


kdg newspad

When it is the time for Christmas and the year comes to an end it is the time to say: Thank you and stay well.