welcome to the media service network

welcome to the media service network

The world is not a disc. So why not break the bounds of the two-dimensional? We think in universal terms beyond the confines of discs. That’s how we positioned ourselves for you: as a general contractor for the media sector and as a specialist for media design, authoring and data archiving, high quality media production of CD, DVD BD, contract and e-commerce logistics.

A complete range of services from authoring to delivery. The ultimate best of all media services. That’s our call. That’s what you are entitled to claim. Wether it be Blu-ray authoring in the kdg mediascope studios, guidance on packaging and processing your media production order at the kdg mediafactory, delivery of your products through kdg medialog.

For more than 25 years our companies stand for innovation, drive and best service quality.


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We work at a place where others go on holiday. Quite simply, kdg is always worth a visit.

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Our ideas and suggestions for media products will help you climb the highest mountains.

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We’re your close support team, accompanying you on your way to commercial success.

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September 22 - 24, 2015, Bregenz, Stand D9

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